Are you a Mama Bear?

The term Mama Bear has been around for ages. Recently, it has  been used proudly by many mothers.

What defines a Mama Bear?

mama bear (plural mama bears) (informal) A female bear currently rearing one or more cubs. (by extension, slang) A woman, especially a mother, who is extremely protective of a child or children.

Wiktionary –

The mama bear has always been a picture for unconditional love and protectiveness of your children. Nurturing them with strong guidance and leading by example. And if the mama bear perceives the child to be mistreated, she will stand up tall and be a force to be reckoned with.

Mama Bears in the Wild

When picturing a mama bear, we concur up images of large bears standing on their hind legs growling at any enemy that tries to hurt her cub. But is this picture we paint realistic?

the Get Bear Smart Society (GBS) writes on their website:

Mother bears are affectionate, protective, devoted, strict, sensitive and attentive with their young. Not unlike people, bears can be empathetic, fearful, joyful, playful, social and even altruistic. They’re all individuals and have unique personalities.  

Many mothers do associate with those trademarks of a mother bear. Are you one of them? Or is your Mom?


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