DIY Embroidery Pendant with Metal Frame Setting

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I love making little framed embroidery pendants as gifts and to wear myself. They are really quick and easy to make with these frame pendants from Kailea. They give my embroidery or cross stitch a really polished look and are so easy to just pop together. Here is how I do it!


First you need to decide on a motif to embroider. Use the outer frame of the metal setting to trace the inner circle onto your fabric so you know how big your design can be. Make a few circle so you can make many different designs at once. You can also use other settings from Kailea to make DIY pins and even earrings!

Here is a quick video of putting it all together!

“The frame comes in 3 parts, the top one that is the actual frame, the centerpiece, and the back.”

Cut around your design and leave about 1/2 “all around to fold over the center piece.

Then take your needle and yarn and stitch along the edge and lay the center piece on top of your fabric.

Now just pull the yarn tight around the enter piece. Make sure your design is centered and tie a knot.

Now you just have to put the frame together.

  1. Push the design into the front frame part.
  2. Put the back plate over the back of the design.
  3. Make sure the top of the pendant lines up with the top of your design.

4. Now you just have to push over the toggles from the front piece over the back plate. You can use pliers to get them nice and tight.

5. Eh voila! Now you just need a chain and you can wear your new pendant!


Pro Tip!

If you have trouble fitting the design into the outer frame, it could be because you are using a thick fabric.

If this is the case, you can undo your string and just cut the centerpiece down a bit all around. This is really easy to do with good scissors and that way there will be more space for the fabric.

I hope you find these tiny frame pendants as easy to work with as I do. Comment below if you have any questions and show off your creations her and on Instagram #kaileacrafts

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