DIY Pompom Statement Earrings with eye charms

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I love wearing large statement earrings! With my long hair, small earrings get lost. So I started wearing large fun ones. This pair is easy to make and you can customize it to your  color preference. Pink, red, yellow or teal? Or just one pair in each color!

“Create these easy Pom Pom earrings to wear at the beach or pool side and customize them in your favorite color!”


First, decide on a color for your Pompom earrings. This is by far the hardest part!

Then just make 2 Pompoms by following the directions of either your Pom Pom maker or use one of the methods in this tutorial.

They should have a diameter of about 1-1/2″. I used the smallest of the pom pom makers. If you like making pom poms as much as I do (they can be used just about anywhere!) then I recommend getting a pom pom maker. They just make for a much denser pom pom and it works up faster as well. I recommend this one here.

  1. Use the long end of the pompom and bring it through the top hole of the eye charm.

2. Attach the needle and go through the pompom to the other side to attach the earwire.

3. Then bring the needle through the loop on the earwire and go back across the pompom with the needleback to the eye charm

Now you can adjust the length and make sure that there is enough space for the pompom but not so much that the earwire and eye charm are too far apart.

Once you are happy, just tie a knot above the eye charm with the 2 strings and cut off the excess.

Now just repeat with the other earring and you are ready to rock your new favorite pair of statement earrings! How will you show them off?

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