Top Statement Earrings DIY’s

With my hair, tiny earrings just get lost. So I just LOVE wearing statement earrings that are fun and easy to wear. And making statement earrings is so rewarding. Just a little bit of time and you have something that you can wear all the time and will be commented on.

Here are the top DIY Statement earrings tutorials to add to your wardrobe!

1. Leather Earrings

There is nothing quite like Leather Earrings! They just give this air of confidence and leather comes in so many different colors. This tutorial helps you make beautiful teardrop shaped leather earrings in no time. The best part is, you can use any leather scrapes if you have some laying around or order some leftover pieces from Amazon. Now you can feel good about up-cycling too!

2. Geometric Earrings

These golden Geometric Earrings are a bit more involved but are sure to turn heads! You can make them with just a few geometric shapes of brass or even go further and stamp some designs on each plate.

3. Macrame Feather Earrings

Macrame feathers are all the rage right now. So if you want to make just one pair of statement earrings, make these Macrame Feather Earrings! Even better, make one in each color. They are so much fun to make, you might want to consider them as gifts for all your friends.

4. Fimo Clay Earrings

Polymer clay is one of the easiest medias to bring lots of color and a variety of shapes into your statement jewelry making. This tutorial shows you the easy way of making speckled clay with easy half round shapes. Put them together to make earthy statement earrings. Then, go beyond with bold colors and more shapes!

5. Fringe Earrings

And last but not least, Fringe Earrings! These are the easiest on the list and are also the most fun! Select any color you like, use raffia or just regular embroidery yarn. Anything goes with these!


This is my top 5 statement earrings tutorial round-up! Which one will you try first?

I created them all and will be wearing them on rotation all summer long!


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