Ultimate Gifts for Crafters

Desperately looking for the perfect gift for your crafty friend, Mom or sister? Relax, I search for the best gifts to help you with this list of 10 best gifts for crafters.

Here is the Ultimate Gift Guide for Crafters! Get them something new to celebrate their special talent.

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1. Happiness Is Crafting Journal

Every crafter needs a blank journal to write down all those great ideas when creativity strikes. This Happiness is Crafting journal is the perfect companion for any crafter.

2. Craft-A-Day Book

And if creativity stays away, this Craft-a-day book of 365 simple handmade projects are sure to spark it again. There are so many possibilities for amazing crafts in here!

3. Eat. Sleep.Craft. Mug

Of course, to get started with all that crafting, you need some energy. And what better way to sip your morning coffee than with this crafty Eat.Sleep.Craft Mug. A perfect gift for any crafter.

4. DIY Craft Kit Substription Box

Now, if you want to make your crafter friend REALLY happy, go for this DIY Subscription Box. This is the ultimate gift! Each month, this box is delivered to their door with all the supplies and instructions to learn a completely new craft. How cool is that!

5. Flexible Crafter Light

Another great gift for crafters is this Flexible LED Light. Many crafters like to sit on the sofa, watching their favorite show and crafting a little on the side. Ahhh, how relaxing. The only problem, there never seems to be enough light! So this light is perfect since you can hang it around your neck or next to you to give you that extra bit of light.

6. Almost Lost Arts Book

As a crafter, it is always interesting to hear what other crafters are doing. This Almost Lost Arts Book follows several crafters that work on preserving lost art and crafts. Take your crafty mug and snuggle up with that book to explore lost arts.

7. Copper Compression Gloves

One often overlooked part of crafting is that you are using your hands constantly. After a while, they can hurt and there is nothing worse than not being able to craft because your hand hurts. These Copper Compression Gloves help ease the pain. A must have gift for any hard working crafter.

8. Painter’s Pallet Bracelet

This is a fun gift for Crafters! A Painter’s Pallet Bracelet so they can show off their love for the arts and crafts while being out and about. Great conversation starter!

9. Pretty Things T-shirt

And to match the bracelet, how about this “I just want to make pretty things” T-shirt!

10. Show Your Work Book

And finally, a book that will help your crafty friend to show all their fabulous creations to the world! So if they are ready to have their crafting ability be seen by more than family and friends, this Show Your Work Book is the gift for them to give that that extra confidence.

What’s your favorite gift? Comment below if you have any questions and show off your creations here and on Instagram #kaileacraft

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