Macrame DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

I love a simple Holiday DIY Project and these Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments are perfect! You can make a few of them in different sizes and styles and have plenty to give as gifts and stocking stuffers!

Once you completed this beginner Macrame DIY and want to work on more projects, try your hands on my Macrame Necklace and Macrame Keychain Tutorials. And of course, the Macrame Feather Earrings. They are made just like this Christmas Tree, just cut differently at the end!

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Here is a quick video if you want to see the knots in action!

Start out with a 15″ string and fold it in half.

Then also cut 14 5″ pieces of the string and 2 10″ pieces of string. Those 2 long pieces are used for the last row and to knot the tree trunk.

First you have to color the natural cord. I love the look of the hand dyed string since it is not uniform and more like a true tree with all the different shades of green.

It is also really easy to do. So don’t get scared about the process.

Just take a small zip-log bag and place all your cut string inside. Then add a few drops of food coloring and a few drop of water. 

Now just close it up and knelt it until all the color is spread around. you can always add more color and water drops if you like. Once you are happy with the coloring, put the entire bag in the microwave for about 20 seconds to set the color. This should also dry the string out.

And you dyed your string!

Starting the tree:

First you fold the long 15″ string in half and tie a knot at the top. Leaf a little loop for hanging.

Now, depending on where you would like to place your wooden bead, you can either string it on the 2 strings now so it acts as the tree topper or wait until the end so it acts as the base of the tree. The video shows it as the top and these written instructions at the bottom.


  1. Fold a string in half and place it under the center string with the loop on the left
  2. Take another string folded in half and place the loop under the ends of the previous string on the right side
  3. Now place the ends of the second string inside the loop of the first string 
  4. Pull both strings tight. Now you completed your first full macrame knot.

4. Continue adding rows of sting with the same basic macrame knotting technique and push each row down to the end.

There will be 8 of the same sections to make up the length of the macrame Christmas Tree. Add more rows if you are making a larger macrame tree ornament piece. Use the longer string for the last row of knots.

Once your tree is long enough, you take the last string from each side to make it into the tree trunk. That’s why we are using longer strings for this last row.

  1. Place the left string over the 2 center strings and under the right string.
  2. Place the right string under the 2 center strings and over the left string. This “catches” the 2 center strings between the left and right strings.
  3. Now pull tight.

Now repeat the same knot a few more times until your tree trunk is long enough. Just always do it the opposite way.

So now:

  1. Place the right string over the 2 center strings and under the left string.
  2. Place the left string under the 2 center strings and over the right string. This “catches” the 2 center strings between the left and right strings.
  3. Now pull tight.

Pro Tip!

If you would like longer tree or small tree, just adjust the amount of rows you use and cut the shape accordingly. You can also make them in any color you fancy and use them for necklaces, key chains and so on. Just make a bunch!

Finally, brush all the little strings out so you have a full tree and cut it into a tree shape.

Depending on if you want the wooden bead on the top or bottom, you can add it to the base now and finish it off with a knot.

I hope you will enjoy these macrame Christmas tree ornaments as much as I do. Comment below if you have any questions and show off your own X-mas tree creations here and on Instagram #kaileacrafts

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