Free Rainbow Hat Crochet Pattern

This rainbow hat is so much fun! I created it for my 6 year old daughter. So I had her in mind when I came up with the crochet pattern. She is full of life, colorful, jumpy and just crazy fun! This crochet hat totally resembles all of that.

So it is on the smaller size, but you can easily make it larger for all the fun loving people you know!

And the Pompoms had such a spunky vibe to this fun rainbow crochet hat. I think fur Pompoms would be great as well.

The best part, you can easily make this in an afternoon to wear to your next winter excursion.

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Crochet Terms (US):

  • Ch- Chain
  • Sp – Space
  • St – Stitch
  • SC- Single Crochet
  • DC- Double Crochet
  • Tr – Triple Crochet
  • Sl St- Slip Stitch
  • RS- Right Side
  • WS- Wrong Side


This hat is worked from the top down in flat rows. Essentially it’s a square. Therefore, the foundation row is worked from both sides to serve as the center line at the top of the hat. The rows are created around that center line.

The main pattern has a repeat of 8. I made this to fit my 6 year old daughter. So if you want to make this hat smaller or larger, you need to add or subtract to the  foundation row by 16 to account for a repeat both on the from and back. So the repeat of 8 times 2 makes 16.

To make this hat even more colorful and fun, I added 2 pompoms to the 2 top corners. There are great instructions right here or you can also use Pre-made PomPoms or Faux Fur PomPoms.


ROUND 1: Ch 32, dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across (32)

Keep hat RS (don’t turn your work over) dc across bottom part of foundation row, sl st to start (32)

ROUND 2: ch 3,* skip 3 sts, 6 tr in next st, skip 3 sts, 1 dc in next st, ch 2, 1 dc in same st, repeat from* 6 times

skip 3 sts, 6 tr in next st, skip 3 sts, 1 dc in next st, ch 2, sl st to close.

ROUND 4: ch 4, * 1 dc in top of shell, ch 2, 1 dc in same st, 6 tr in 2 ch space from previous round, repeat from * 6 times,

1 dc in top of shell, ch 2, 1 dc in same space, sl st to close round.

ROUND 5: sl st to ch 2 sp, *1 dc in top of shell, ch 2, dc in same st, 6 tr in 2 ch space, repeat from * 6 times,

dc in top of shell, ch 2, dc in same space, sl st to close round

ROUNDS 6-12: repeat rows 4 and 5, fasten off at end of row 12, weave in yarn 

In this video I show you the start and how to work the pattern.

Now all that is left is to add the Pom Poms on either side on the top. I made mine in a solid color since I felt like the rainbow hat was colorful enough. But if you are using a solid yarn for the hat, then maybe some rainbow Pom poms would be best!

Pro Tip!

Make smaller  and bigger hat for all your friends and family! Just remember to increase or decrease in increments of 16 chains since the pattern repeats every 8 stitches and you have to account for the front and back side.

I hope you find this a fun pattern and as easy to work with as I do. Comment below if you have any questions and show off your creations here and on Instagram #kaileacrafts

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