5 Easy DIY Tutorials for Tiny Frame Pins and Pendants

I am always looking to create stunning jewelry pieces that have a polished and sleek look. These frames are perfect for that and so easy to use! You can finish a few of them in an afternoon. Perfect for those handmade Holiday gifts without spending all summer making them!

The unique structure of a 3 piece frame makes it easy to use a piece of fabric and sandwich it between the front frame and the back plate by wrapping it around the curved centerpiece.

Here are just some ideas of what you can display inside them:

  • embroidery
  • cross stitch
  • piece of fabric from a t-shirt or dress that has sentimental value
  • piece of your wedding vail
  • washi tape
  • weaving
  • quilted fabric
  • fortune cookie quote
  • painting
  • or even draw directly on it with a sharpie

Here are the top 5 tutorials online to get you started using these jewelry frames for embroidery or other fabric arts. Then check out Kailea to order some to experiments. There are many different styles available including pins and pendants and earrings.


Corinne from September House has this beautiful and very comprehensive and clear DIY tutorial for embroidered pendants on her blog. It really explains everything you need to know which lots of pictures to start making your first pendant right away! Find the instructions here.


For those of us that work better watching a video and seeing it all being put together step by step, this YouTube DIY video is best. Love the little cactus embroidery! Find the instructions here.


If you are not ready for embroidery, but still want to make handmade jewelry, you can also follow my easy instructions for one-of-a-kind Washi tape pendants. If you have a stash of Washi tape at home (I sure have a nice collection), all you need are these frame settings and in a relaxing crafternoon you can have a whole collection of beautiful pins and pendants. Find the instructions here.


Are you a keeper of a beautiful stash of fabric bits and pieces you just can’t let go off? How about using them for interesting necklaces and earrings for the world to finally see instead of being hidden in your closet. Find the DIY instructions here.


Tiny works of needlepoint and embroidery can be found all over these days. Instead of adding a patch permanently to your cloth, how about a handmade pin. Find the DIY instructions here.

These DIY tutorials for tiny frame jewelry should light up your creative sparks. Let me know in the comments how you would use them!

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