I'm Kailea and I just love to try my hands on all kinds of crafts. especially dear to me are crochet and jewelry making.

I have a large collection of jewelry and add to it as much as I can by going to flea markets and scouring the internet. Of course,  I also make myself as many pieces as possible 🙂

Now crochet has become my second passion and I am eagerly crocheting wherever I go. I have several bags filled with crochet projects so there is always something different right at my fingertips to work with.

Living in South Florida lends itself to projects for light sweater weather and breezy tops but I also like to hook up something in a chunky wool for when we visit my native Germany.

My handmade jewelry is available in my Etsy shop Frosted Willow

My jewelry supplies and kits are available in my Etsy shop Kailea

My original Pop Art Prints are available in my Etsy shop Kailea Pop Art

And my late grandfathers legacy watercolor prints are available at Landrock Prints

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