5 Easy Beginner Macrame DIY’s

Macrame has become a craft staple in recent years. It is no wonder since it is easy to learn and can produce such a wide range of finished projects. Here, I compiled the top beginner DIY Macrame tutorials on the web. 

Here are the top DIY Beginner Macrame tutorials to try out this beautiful craft!

1. Macrame Feather Earrings

One of my most favorite make! These easy macrame feather earrings come together quickly and you can make them in your favorite color! The perfect summer accessory!

2. Macrame Boho Coasters

These Macrame Coasters have a great Boho or Scandinavian vibe and use just one Macrame knot! 

3. Macrame Necklace

I love the architectural look of this Macrame Necklace and it looks a lot more complicated then it is. It basically consists of 1 main knot!

4. Macrame Garland

If you have a little bit more time on your hand, you can try making this beautiful Macrame Garland. It is not that complicated, just working on a larger scale and a lot more string!

5. Macrame Keychain

This easy Macrame Keychain tutorial uses only 2 main macrame knots with stunning results.


Pro Tip!

Any of these project can  be created with different color string as well as different thicknesses to become something entirely different. Play around!

Which one will you try first? Comment below if you have any questions and show off your creations here and on Instagram #kaileacrafts

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