DIY Colorful Keychain Easy Step by Step Instructions

I love making colorful things! These little colorful keychains are perfect little gifts and brighten up any purse of backpack! They are easy to make following my step by step instructions using some thick macrame cord as the center and beautiful shiny embroidery yarn wrap in a rainbow of colors.

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This is a quick little project that is really fun to make and each one can turn out so differently just by using different color yarn!

If you want to make my color wrap rainbow wall hanging, the tutorial is right here.

Here is a video of each step or you can follow along with the photos!

First you need to cut a piece of macrame cord. I made mine 9″ long but you might want yours smaller or bigger.

Then fold it in half and attach the split ring keychain to the top of it.

I pushed a needle through both parts of the cord to keep it centered while attaching the jumpring of keychain.

Next, just select a starting and end point and mark it with a pencil.

Now it’s finally time for the fun part and wrap any color embroidery yarn around the macrame cord. Change colors along the way.

Once you get to the top and the jumpring, just wrap as closely to the ring as possible and change over to the other side when no more white cord shows through.

Wrap more yarn around the cord until both sides are at the same height.

Then take a new color and wrap it around both ends to form the loop. 

After about 1/2″ of that, use a needle to go back and forth through the macrame cord with the embroidery yarn to secure the end.

Now you colorful fiber keychain is almost complete!


Just take off the blue tape at the end and unwind the cording.

It really helps to use a dog brush or comb to untangle each string for a nice and bushy end to the keychain.

And finally, cut any stray strings for a crisp finish.

Pro Tip!

Now you can attach your colorful fiber keychain to your favorite purse, backpack, your keys…anything! And create some more in different colors and lengths. Now if this isn’t a beautiful gift that is actually fun to make!

I hope you have fun making this Keychain project. Comment below if you have any questions and show off your creations here and on Instagram #kaileacrafts

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